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Turati Boiseries / Turati News @en  / With Turati Boiseries, classic style takes over your temple dedicated to beauty: the bathroom

With Turati Boiseries, classic style takes over your temple dedicated to beauty: the bathroom

An oasis of relaxation and style is Turati Boiseries’ goal in the creation of projects dedicated to the most intimate and private room in the abode: the bathroom. 

The offers and furnishings from this company in Mariano Comense for this room open up a new era in which wellness and wellbeing, combined with a sophisticated aesthetic, has absolute priority. In the Turati Boiseries bathrooms, there is no room for disorder – all these furnishing solutions are the perfect synthesis of practical details, conceived according to the most advanced ergonomic criteria. 

Contrasts of the finest materials, masterfully balanced nuances, and truly refined details conceal a design harmony that is perfectly expressed in the skilful management of space and furnishing elements.  All this offers a final result that represents an ode to beauty, with a sophisticated visual impact, designed and built for those who do not want to give up elegance, even in the abode’s most private room. 

Through the execution of tailor-made and totally customized projects, the bathroom designed by Turati Boiseries turns from a simple bathroom into a temple of well-being, transforming itself into a place for relaxation, studied with aesthetic precision, but also attentive to comfort, making this room truly welcoming and sustainable.

These structural and material solutions paired with truly practical and efficient layouts offered by Turati Boiseries all come together to interpret the needs of contemporary living, based on the allure of that timeless class that only classic style can give.

These creations are a tangible expression of the masterful and limitless creative capacity of Turati Boiseries. The bathroom from the ClassMode Collection, in the Milano model, is defined by clean and essential lines, characterizing a contemporary style, yet with more classic and timeless details. These wonderful furnishings, offered in light shades of beige, are modular and completely customizable with regard to finishes and sizing. The mirrors are assembled on wooden panels and beautifully defined in the space by decorative pillars. The finish is a water-based lacquer with a water-repellent final “closure”.