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Turati Boiseries / La Boiserie  / A residential architecture project in Milan that enhances the power of classic style

A residential architecture project in Milan that enhances the power of classic style

The company from Mariano Comense has renovated a flat in Milan, where the guiding thread of this site is the choice not to give up the comfort and functionality of contemporary living while also following the iconic style of this Brianza fashion house.

From the living room to the bedrooms and the service areas, the furniture choices and finishes have been taken and handled by Turati in order to combine the needs of today’s living, drawing on the solid standards of the most authentic classic style.

This is a dive into tradition and an avant-garde look that defines a sophisticated and stylish home aimed at conviviality. However, this is a past that is truly modern thanks to the unbridled stylistic choices made by Turati in the creation of this concept for the abode. The home in Milan offers golden tones as a perfect cornerstone in perfect balance next to the black and white units. Used boldly on large surfaces in the wallpaper, gold is found in the decorations on the boiseries, as precious detail that enhances the eternal beauty of the wooden wall creations and wainscoting.

The wonderful balance of these elements offers a result with surprisingly fantastic charm, amazing the guest in the face of strong colour contrasts. The architectural work was done in a measured way, and respectful of the owner’s taste, juggling to perfection decorative elements that give personality to the house. With this creation, Turati Boiseries definitively demystifies the bygone concept of classic furniture, giving it a new meaning that reconciles the legacy of its past with the challenges that look towards the future.

The ClassMode collection selected for the project designed by Turati Boiseries is thought for those who shy away from minimal design and for those who love being surrounded by beauty in the broadest sense of the word. And so we find the leitmotiv of the new catalogue: Home Lifestyle, to seal a concept of living strongly contemporary, rational and functional, yet at the same time without denying any level of aesthetic pleasure. Eclectic and personal solutions for every room in the house, in which that unmistakable Turati style acts as a counterpoint to the modern mood, giving life to tried and true contemporary pieces of art, destined to become an integral part of the history of fine Italian design.