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Gold and silver: a shimmer of light for an exclusive interior

The finishes and details in gold or silver leaf are the must-haves for those who want a timeless interior with authentic class. These metallic reflections have an undisputed impact and are masterfully balanced with the composition and layout thanks to the extraordinary craftsmanship of Turati Boiseries’ master cabinetmakers. These are classic solutions with a swanky allure, yet they are also furnishings that satisfy the most original and contemporary tastes: gold and silver offer that beautiful metal shimmer, warming the abode and bringing out the true essence of each style. The elements in gold and silver leaf create fantastic points of light that enhance the importance of the furnishings in a rather discreet way, thanks to the sophisticated and sartorial ability to choose the perfect position and balance in the layout, resulting in a classy look that defines the solid creations of Turati Boiseries. 

These exclusive details have the unmatched power to go beyond fashions and trends, leading to a choice of iconic style that then becomes a solid investment over time. These boiseries enhanced by finishes with a bright and shiny look, offering an infinite number of variations, become even more beautiful thanks to the artisan craftsmanship and the skilful design of these master woodworkers. The great skill and unique knowhow of Turati Boiseries has come together to offer this artisan heritage and tradition to a new innovation of style, meeting needs for traditional classic style and also latest trends in home-living.

These are the precious details that make Turati Boiseries creations truly unique – a company that reaches the highest level of tangible value in the design and construction of interior projects from single rooms to larger-sized homes, up to vast professional contracts.