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Doors & Boiseries: a leitmotif to offer harmony for the design of any abode

The keyword of every project designed by Turati Boiseries is the balance of lines and a taste for beauty, especially for doors, which go from being an unrelated aspect of the home’s design, turning into a furnishing that is complementary to the wainscoting, offering perfect harmony to the abode furnishings.

The materials, finishes, sizes, little touches and hues, paired with the clear-cut style of the wainscoting, are in fact translated into these doors, which become an essential part of the interior. Seven different models, for a completely unique and completely customized door style. Everything is artisan crafted, from small details to the entire “supporting” and load-bearing structure, because at Turati Boiseries doors are also furniture pieces, the perfect prelude that anticipates the most sophisticated design of rooms that await just beyond them.




In keeping in line with the boiseries, yet without losing their leading role in the abode, doors made by Turati are tried and true works of art. In honeycomb fir and solid toulipier wood, or wood types coordinated with the veneer and boiseries, these beautiful materials are enhanced in each and every way thanks to more than 20 finishes, from the classic warmth of walnut to the cool and princely white finish, everything rounded off by the gold and silver details of the handles.

Turati doors seem to whisper elegantly:  come inside… convincing anyone that just beyond them, there is hidden paradise where you can truly relax, an almost enchanted place where to get lost or a place to take refuge. When closed, these doors, fully coordinated with the boiseries or walls, disappear in such a way as to almost suggest that behind them there is something unique and not available to everyone, a sort of exclusive sliding door, where we can all find our place and our private world.

Expertise, classic taste and master artisan craftsmanship make up the core of the knowhow and skills that allow Turati to give life to projects where boiseries and doors – an element so essential yet too often perceived as marginal – can create harmony or even strong contrasts, yet whenever and wherever, making the abode’s project and design truly welcoming and warm.