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Evocative classic scenes for a kitchen defined by today’s style.

Mariano Comense, February 27th, 2019 – The perfect balance between tradition and flair, beauty and practicality, colour and materials. These are the cornerstones with which Turati Boiseries has given life to the Kitchen catalogue, a wonderful set of creations for the kitchen that revisit classic style, yet paired with new contemporary touches.
The wide range of customisable solutions, the meticulous choice of materials, the attention to detail, and the study of living spaces all come together to ensure that Turati can offer sophisticated project design and productive processes. These collections are designed for all those who shy away from minimal design, created for clients who love to surround themselves with beauty in the broadest sense of the word.
Turati Boiseries reinterprets the traditional kitchen concept in order to create unique solutions that perfectly combine distinctive stylish taste with the modernity of cutting-edge appliances and technology, paired with a fresh look and seamless practicality, resulting in a beautiful play on harmony and sophisticated balance. The kitchen takes on its evocative role as a queen of the abode, combining high-level custom wainscoting with that unmistakable classic style. Contemporary style finds confirmation in those consolidated virtues of traditional taste. In turn, thanks to bright and audacious colours, tradition becomes lighter, able to be appreciated also by attentive clients who follow the current trends and styles.
This is a renewed concept of classical craftsmanship, now stepping into the kitchen, the heart of the home. This interior is the true unifying point of the abode, synonymous with conviviality, bringing with it the sophisticated taste that for almost a century has defined Turati Boiseries style.
The designs for the kitchen proposed by this company from the famous Brianza region are eclectic and quite personal. That unmistakable Turati style acts as a counterpoint to a modern and practical feel, giving life to tried and true contemporary pieces of art, destined to become part of the finest Italian design. These furnishings are the perfect synthesis of contrasting beauty, where balanced tones and authentic craftsmanship come perfectly together in Turati’s approach, respecting absolute luxury, elegance and good living. Turati’s vision is aimed at the singularity of the solutions presented in the Kitchen catalogue, dedicated to custom and made-to-measure kitchens – a symbol of Made in Italy – resulting in the celebration of a new way of experiencing the heart of every home.