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The living room is the best place in the abode for the conviviality, and it also marks the elegance of all the other rooms by the maison of Turati Boiseries celebrating the charm of the classic declining in a contemporary style.

 Elegant decorative elements, a play on contrasts and strong combinations come together to beautifully represent the traditional soul that defines the company in Mariano Comense, where classic style is its strong suit. Today, boiserie and wainscoting have truly come back into fashion, and with them, also classic stylistic makeup that blends perfectly with contemporary elements giving life to interiors that are a melting pot of tradition and avantgarde.

These are the features that define a recent residential project created by Turati Boiseries. From the living area to the rooms and other service areas, the furniture choices have been carefully studied by this leading company from Brianza.

The avant-garde vision is perfectly combined with the timeless classicism of the wainscoting, connoting the elegance and exuberant beauty of the living room. 

Turati’s choices go perfectly with elements and accessories that celebrate this Sicilian style, with bright and captivating colours, printed majolica and terracotta vases with the “testa di moro” (traditional Moor head design) that let you take in this passionate and powerful interior that distinguishes the Italian style.

Pearl and champagne lacquers emphasize the class and sophistication of the interior, combined to perfection with the gold finishes and decorations with beautiful gold leaf, synonymous of prestige and authenticity – the key elements are impeccably balanced next to the black and white furnishings of the living room.

The Milan Model chosen for this Turati Boiseries project goes well beyond traditional canons, aimed at those who love to surround themselves with beauty in the broadest sense of the term, without having to give up cutting-edge technology and a practical home. The unique style of the Turati boiseries meets modernity, giving life to a setting where charm and current contemporary style step forward as the stars of your abode.