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Turati Boiseries / La Boiserie  / Home sweet home: a grand fireplace designed by Turati Boiseries warms the vast living room of a Russian villa

Home sweet home: a grand fireplace designed by Turati Boiseries warms the vast living room of a Russian villa

In Russian tradition the fireplace is the true symbol of the home, the hearth that in the past was fundamental for making meals and warming up the abode on the frosty days of winter. Today, this part of the home has become a truly elegant and sophisticated furniture piece.

fireplace designed by Turati BoiseriesAs in the case of this majestic Russian villa, which has been furnished and designed down to the smallest details, with truly unique colours, where the floor – totally black with bronze inserts – extends as if it were a rug in the entire living room, where we find sofas in black leather, absolutely chic, and contrasting with the walls and the white colonnade as if we were in a Greek temple. In fact, the fantastic monumental element that overlooks everything with its magnificent finish and bronze décor is the fireplace beautifully framed between two windows overlooking the lush garden.

Under the constant supervision of architect Mikhail Makridin, the interior has found a resemblance to the “classic abode” of the Renaissance, where all the elements contribute to enhancing opulence and sophistication. Just like the fireplace that has really unique dimensions: with a width of 3.2 m and a height of 7.2 m, the frame in walnut with black peeled effect, enriched with details in gold leaf and molten bronze decorations, truly superb and noble as a tried and true “master of the abode”. Turati Boiseries, with this “work of art”, was able to materially render this concept of tailor-made furnishings:  the ability to design and create custom-made furnishings that reveal a creative concept of beauty, along with craftsmanship entirely Made in Italy, allowing us to win over the world’s most luxurious and high-spending clients.

In fact, in order to meet their need to create a solid yet also a noble fireplace, loved for these essential lines and fantastic decorative elements, Turati Boiseries involved the Fonderia Pontificia Campane Marinelli (The Marinelli Papal Bell Foundry) in this design, which for over 1,000 years has been building bells. fireplace designed by Boiseries Turati As a matter of fact, while the lower part is structured to accommodate the hearth, which is larger and larger in size for a cosy and essential fireplace area, the top is a fantastic result of decorations with a large bronze bas-relief, full of classic elements, as well as four ornamental floral themed tiles that truly make this furnishing structure one-of-a-kind. Moreover, just above the “mouth” of the fireplace, another bronze bas-relief frames a coat of arms with the initials of the homeowner, typical of the 18th-century fireplaces of the noble families.

This is a truly unique work of art, offering unparalleled value to the abode, that Turati Boiseries was able to wonderfully create thanks to the wise hands of the company artisans and the fine minds of its designers. This is a company which, thanks to the knowhow of half a century of industry experience, successfully created an excellent Russian-Style furnishing piece, yet which is truly Italian hand-made.